Saturday, April 23, 2016

2016 Ice Out!

Well the ice is out on Banning - meaning we can launch a boat & actually get fishing!

Darcy - our head guide - went out on the water last night...he put in one of the upgrade boats and went for a spin. Fished for about an hour and did great....very quick action - which was a nice surprise. You never know what these "transition times" will serve up as far as fishing goes.

The official ice out date was April 20 - which is a full week early than the average date of ice out over the last 50 years. Looking like there may be early spawns or at least on time. Still. you never know. If weather gets particularly cooler than average, it can quickly break the hopes that an early ice out brings. Still looking for the pike to begin their spawn in our back bay...nothing yet, but it should be soon!

Of course, on the Seine Chain, with the current, we're always out earlier than most landlocked lakes in our area. Still waiting for the lake trout lakes to open up. Walleye of course is closed now on the area, but the bass & pike can be a lot of fun. Darcy caught a bunch of fish - including a half dozen nice bass - in 20' of water last night.

Looking like it's going to be a great - and very busy year! Cabin 4 is almost done and looks amazing! Pics will be up here soon.

Also looking like we may have some news about a fishing TV show filming here in a months time. We've got something slated to film the 3rd week of May - will focus on topwater bass. Of course that may be a little bit earlier than the "peak" topwater times (the only time we could fit it in though), but still should be excellent. That's the big reason that I'm hoping that the water warms up quick and pushes those footballs up to the banks!

Will keep you posted!

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