Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hey Everybody! Greetings from Atikokan...

2010 was a terrific year for us - very busy and for the most part, the fish and wildlife co-operated!

More specific info soon...quick highlights...

Walleye fishing was very good....still had lots of small "eaters", but - based on nothing scientific - I think the overall size is increasing across the board for our 'eyes. Good to see - makes sense as we've had a few years out of the last 4 or 5 that were eather early springs or late falls - longer growing seasons.

Pike were the pike...ferocious. We had loads of reports of pike being huge - incredibly fat for their length....we also had a lot more yellow perch caught than ever...I'm thinking that maybe the fishermen weren't the olnly ones feasting on the perch (?)....

Smallmouth bass fishing was just keeps getting better....big numbers and many, many, many trophies. From springtime topwater action to jigging at 25' in late summer, the smallies were absolutely terrific in '10.

Right now - well - we have a whack of snow....snowmobiling conditions are excellent, although there is slush on some lakes. Wet a line on Banning a few days ago - about 14" of ice in the "non-current" areas....some terrific powder though.

Will update more soon !

All the best!