Sunday, May 27, 2012

Late May Update

Just a quick update here (have done more on our Facebook page and Twitter - you can log on to those pages from our websites)....

As posted on FB & Twitter a week or two ago, temps on the chain were between 55 - 59...then a couple days later they spiked up to 59 to 64. This of course was causing some anxiety in our bass anglers booked in June hoping to catch the peak topwater when the smallies are right up on shore. Well, we have had a whack of rain in the last 5 or 6 days and as of yesterday the temps ranged from 58 - 61 - actually down a bit!

Despite the piles of rain, water levels on the chain have been consistent. Not low, but not as high as we'd expect with all the rain. I assume the Calm Lake Dam is wide open. Getting loads more rain today and the next two days so we'll see what happens.

Smallies are being caught between 3' - 8'. The Gentry group found them around islands yeterday, but not many on the shore. The Scholls caught some really nice ones (18", 19" etc) off the shores today though - albeit in 4' - 8'. They're  getting there. Should be an interesting week!

The Hollander group was in early as usual and did fantastic with trout in mid Apri.

lThe Kniffen group came in early May and did a lot of fly fishing on the chain. Landed some nice smallies and smaller pike - they found that the bigger ones had already gone deeper (the spawned 3 weeks early this year. they did tie into some bigger pike on McCauley lake though.

The Armstead group did very well last week....nice 'eyes, bass & pike. Did lots with Lindy Rigs and Hot n' Tots. Was great to see them do so well their first time on our system.

A few groups in camp this week and is going to be a very busy June....will keep you all posted. As mentioned the Scholl's are all in and are doing great as always. Did great yesterday with all species downstream, and today with some nasty weather, stuck close to camp and brought in a terrific stringer of walleyes and caught some great smallies. I believe they were using Lindys and minnows.....

Anyway - gotta go.....will talk soon!!