Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Xmas & Updates

Hey Everyone...

Hope you're having a great Christmas season, and that this posting finds you all healthy & happy!

A couple of quick updates....

FYI - June 2010 is really starting to fill in quickly. As an example, for the weeks of June 12 - 19 and June 19 - 26....we are currently out of boats & motors for those weeks. As of right now though, if you bring your own boat & motor, we have 2 small LHK cabins open for those weeks - none of the larger HK cabins. Of course, check in with us anyway as cancelleations do happen.

Otherwise, the rest of the summer is peppered with bookings...still pretty good availability, but, being a smaller camp we do fill in quickly so if you've got some dates in mind, let me know & I'll hang on to them for you.

Beautiful weather here right now....got about a foot of fresh powder (ie snow!) on the weekend. Snowmobiling has been awesome, although the snowmobile trails aren't open or groomed yet.

Atikokan's world class cross country ski trails are open though. Looking like anothe great year for skiers! I'm hearing rumours that Mount Fairweather - Atikokan's downhill ski facility is opening soon. Should be a great winter for that too.

We're making a big rink on the ice on the lake today. As we had some cold weather in December with no snow, the ice is nice. Shouldn't need too much flooding to make it very good.

Anyway - take it easy everyone. Hope to talk to y'all soon!