Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mitchell's Stats & Fishing Update!

Hey Everyone,

Here's some stats from the Mitchells' which I know many of you are waiting for. Steve's logging of info is terrific to check out for all you fishing junkies like me....

Hey Quent,
Sorry it has taken me so long to get these to you. Here are the stats for 2010 .We caught 426 total fish, 300 bass 125 pike, and 1 walleye. Last years numbers were a little better 358 bass to 300 this year. I think I can explain why. Last year when we got there the water temp was in the 50's this year it was in the 60's. I personally think the bass had already spawned and gone back out to 10-15 feet of water and only came to shore to feed, therefore the bigger bass were not relating to the shore as they were last year. I heard in camp both weeks we were there from other fishermen how the bass were not on the shore. Just had to work a little harder this year. The weather this year was not as kind to us as last year windy and cloudy most days, with some rain. By far the most productive lure was soft plastics creature baits ,paca craws, flukes, and hula grubs. Work them slowly on the bottom and you will catch fish . Top water baits, popr's, chug bugs, tiny torpedo's and jtterbugs also caught some fish. Also we caught fish on a various crankbaits, jerkbaits, and rubberskirted jigs. All in all we had a great time seeing you and Lori, same time! same place! next year can't wait!!

Steve an Deb

pike 125
12" under 70
13-14 81
15-16 97
17-18 44
19 up 8
1 walleye
Biggest bass 20" we caught 3
biggest pike 34" we caught 2

Great stuff eh? It was great seeing Steve & Deb again - and a few followers of Steve's stats got to meet him. Lots of "fish talk" in the yard while they were there.

The last week of May / first week or so of June saw the biggest shoreline action from the smallies on the beds.

Right now there is still topwater action - not as much as June - but in the past couple of weeks the fishing overall has been fantastic. We're seeing a lot of 20" + smallies coming from the deep water (ie 25' ish) - plus the walleyes overall have been great. Some of the biggest average 'eye's I've ever seen here. Lots of guys using artificial so that helps size wise - but live bait has been doing great not only with numbers but with size as well.

Plus had loads of pike caught that were described as "huge girth" - "fattest pike I've ever seen"..... we really have seen an spike in the perch population on the chain this year. More than I've ever seen - some nice ones too - I'm thinking that maybe our friendly neighbourhood northern pike population are enjoying this perch renaissance as well?

Anyway - been a great year so far - still looking forward to much more fishing action!

Talk soon!