Thursday, May 28, 2009

Passport Required for US Citizens To Re-Enter US

Yep....after years of delays, it appears as though that you will need a passport to re-enter th US effective next Monday June 1 2009.

There's lots of stuff on the web regarding's one link that may help.

If you don't have one & you're stuck here in Canada - great - we've got lots to keep you busy!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May Update

Hey Everybody.....

Quick update...

Well, we're in the thick of it far so good. Walleye opened last weekend (May 16) and that usually is the official kick off to the season....

That said, the walleye fishing has been great......sometimes a bit slow action wise, but many days / evenings the action has been great too. The only problem opening weekend was that it was hard getting the 'eye's under the slot (18"). Lots in the 19" - 20" range....pretty much all males.

Lori's brother Scott was up from S Ontario with his daughter Heidi, and they did great with walleyes....ditto Darryl & John from Atikokan.

Saw a few smallmouth opening weekend.....19" - 20"...very nice smallies.

The Benson group from Nebraska were up this past week & officially opened our new American Plan dining services....the guys did really well overall.....after a day or so, they really got in the walleye groove....good action & some nice sized ones.....including a 25". Also another nice bass - 4 + pounds and some pike. They also did a day in Miranda where they caught lots of pike.

BTW - cleaned a 13" smallie for the Bensons & it had eggs.....reinforcing that, one of Pauls S's group last night caught a 20" right up near the shore, so look out....topwater smallmouth action is about to begin! Based on the last week and a half, we've seen a bunch of trophy smallies already - 4 pounders almost seem the norm (without anyone actually fishing for them!). Should be a great bass fishing year again.

Anyway - will update y'all again soon!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

WMU 12B Now Open For Non. Res Deer Hunt & Other Hunting Stuff!

Well, after years of hoping, the Ontario MNR has officially opened WMU 12B for non resident deer hunting.

Prior to this, non residents were only allowed to hunt in WMU 11a...a great deer area, but with 12B open it gives us hundreds more square miles of wilderness to choose from.....much of 12b doesn't see many deer hunters at all. Plus, our camp is actually located in WMU 12B (a mile from 11A).

I canvassed my guides a few years back, and they all said they'd hunt 12B if it were open for their American hunters. Not sure if they still would, but at least we have the option!

12B will have the guide requirement (1 guide / 2 hunters) for non residents of Ontario just like 11A, so our Non Resident Deer Hunting Packages will remain the same.

Seasons for 12B non resident deer hunters are Sept 19 - Oct 9 for bow only. Oct 10 - Nov 15 for rifle, bows, muzzleloaders & shotguns.

Of course for all you Ontario resident deer hunters you can still choose tags from either area. For your doe tags, it's best to get them in advance (prior to heading to our area) - especially for 11A which is the most popular area & usually sells out all the tags each year.

Having said all that, we've been seeing lots of deer this spring. Any of you who know our area know this is a good sign. Often you never see any deer along the road, with all the thousands of miles of dense cover our area provides. Seeing them seems to indicate a decent winter survival. We thought there may have been quite a bit of winter kill between the deep snow last winter & all the wolves.

Animals of all type are on the move.....seeing lots of moose including two part albino calves the other day. Got a video of one of them ....will try & post.....The moose survey of 12B last winter showed an increase in population, as did the survey for 11A the year before. All good signs!

Grouse are looking good....hopefully they'll have a good year for reporoducing. Seeing lots around right now though.

Bears all over the place....ditto timber & brush wolves & all kinds of other small game

Should be some great fall hunting this year...I'll update you all with anything important!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Open Water

Hey everyone....

Quick update re: breakup....

Everything is right on schedule here this year......we could get a boat onto Banning Lake from the camp on April 27.....most other area lakes are pretty good now too. The 27th has been a real common date for final ice out in Banning for the last 40 or so years. We're always a little early compared to other area lakes due to the river flow.

Of course, the ice out / water temp. affects much as far as fishing goes...especially when spawns will happen & in turn the early season action.

The last few days, the pike have been hard at the spawn in our back bay.....after early years in '06 & '07 & a real late year in '08. we're back to average in '09.

Talk to ya'll soon!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stanton Bay Road Washout

A quick FYI - Stanton Bay Road is washed out......anyone with Pickerel Lake entry permits to Quetico will have to enter Pickerel via french Lake until further notice....

Here's an email I just received from Ontario Parks.....

In early May a break in the Stanton Bay Road grew from a hole to a full breach. Late ice melting and high water has washed out the road to make it impassable. As of yesterday a break of approximately 50 feet x 13 ft (16 meters x 4 meters) was formed. The gap is expected to widen with further rain and possible thunder storms forecast over the next few days.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Forest Companies who use this road are monitoring the situation and investigating options. The road is impassable and will likely remain so throughout the summer. Site evaluation and project plans will be considered during this period. The wash-out has occurred in a location that has had frequent culvert and fill repairs. Potential future treatments may require bridging or similar more expensive responses.

Park users with French Lake - Pickerel Lake permits will need to enter Quetico through French Lake for the foreseeable future..

As always, I'll keep you posted with future developments!