Friday, April 24, 2009

Coming Soon - Fishing Season

Been getting lots of calls about ice out.....looking good - here on the Seine, the ice is 20' - 100' from shore....should be able to get a boat in next week.

Other lakes without river flow are a little further behind. I know lots of you want to get at some early lake trout & other action. I'll let you know the minute it's a go. In any event - we're 'way better off than this time last year.....should be able to get some good spring time action soon.

Just as a quick note though - the walleye opener last May was great - here's a couple of pics from "the opener '08"....

The weather was nasty - cold, windy....but the fishing - particularly the walleye was great.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lower Marmion Lake Walleye Fishing

Great news for many of you Marmion Lake fanatics.....walleye fishing has been many of you know, the fishing is terrific on Marmion, & we have every reason to believe that the walleye fishing will be world class...